Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leaked Specs for LX5

It has been long overdue but finally, it seems like the LX5's long awaited debut is imminent. Several sites have posted leaks of the specs for LX5. Here they are:

- 10.1 mpx CCD Sensor (supporting 3:2 and 16:9 at 9.5mpx)
- AVHCD lite video 720p (30fps sensor, 60fps max)
- 3.8x zoom 24-90mm
- Optional Optical and EVF

Looking at the specs, it seems like there has not been any earth shattering advances in terms of features...

The increase in zoom range is definitely a plus and the video seems better. As of now, the 5x zoom and OVF of the G11 is still hard to beat and it seems like there will not be a clear winner yet. If high ISO performance and DRange have improved leaps and bounds, that could swing things its way though. I can't wait for some reviews to come soon...