Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GF-1 Reviews

Over the past couple of days, reviews of the GF-1 have been rolling in. The general consensus has been very consistent vs the E-P1.


- The JPEG output of GF-1 produces some flat colors and weird color shifts in certain colors. Dpreview noted a pinkish shift in the blue skies while imaging-resource noted that yellow becomes muted and orange becomes brown. These are mainly observed in JPEGs and RAW output are generally free of such issues.

- Panasonic's JPEG output falls behind competition in terms of details and high ISO JPEG output.

- Lower Dynamic Range than E-P1


- AF, Metering and overall performance of the camera is superior to the E-P1.

- Better screen, flash and an EVF option

- Despite weak JPEG outputs, RAW outputs are great

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