Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why I would choose S90 over LX3


- I prefer the Canon because it is a true pocketable PnS
- Fully retractable lens which does not protrude like the LX3
- Built in auto lens cap, not like the LX3 with detachable lens cap which can be easily dropped
- Lack of a flash hotshoe keeps profile pocketable. If I want to lug around a flash, I will use an SLR
- The Canon is lighter and smaller than the LX3

Image Quality:

- Numerous reviews by and showed that the S90 does better than the LX3 in high ISO, especially in RAW. Camerablabs even finds it to outperform G11. The new 10mpx sensor have definitely overtaken the aged LX3 sensor in terms of high ISO performance.
- More useful zoom range 28-105mm instead of the LX3's 24-60mm which is more restrictive.
- The Canon colors is more preferable to me than the over punchy Panasonic colors. I am not into Panasonic colors, even the GF-1 cameras have a funny tone curve.


- The Canon powershot UI is easy to use. Very similar to IXUS and other Canon PnS
- The customizable control ring is convenient
- For those using Canon dSLR, the S90 is a natural choice because you can use the same set of software, DPP to handle all raw files from S90 to 1Ds Mark III.
- Canon does not restrict the use ad 3rd party batteries as strictly as the Panasonic. Panasonic requires users to use original Panasonic batts.

To LX3 credit:

- It is faster but not as fast as an SLR, so the difference in speed does not make a lot of difference to me
- Flash hotshoe. As mentioned earlier, if I want to lug flash and stuff, I will carry a dSLR
- LX3 supports lens adapters. This will again add weight and bulk to the system. For those using S90, you can buy Cokin add-ons if you want to use filters and adapters.

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