Monday, May 10, 2010

NEX - Potentially the camera I have been waiting for

Why do I think it may be that camera I have been waiting for?

- AF speed seems to be very acceptable at 0.441 - 0.444 sec. (This is comparable to the Panny G series)
- Flange distance is only 18mm vs the 20mm of m4/3 and 25mm for Samsung NX series. This means that while the NX series will have problem mounting the Leica M mount lenses. The NEX series can mount most lenses with the appropriate adapters.
- It is even smaller than the EPL1, GF1 and EP1/EP2. Slimmer and shorter with a comparable length.
- It has very good high ISO noise performance. Very comparable to the 5000D and 500D and trumping them in several scenarios.
- It has an APS-C sensor which means there is no compromise on DRange and in some cases, the Bokeh.
- Continuous AF during video, this is not available on Samsung NX10
- There is a small flash unit that you can detach easily at GN 7

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