Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If I were to design the G12, how would it look like?

As a consumer, I would probably be the best designer of Canon's next gen G series compact. Definitely a lot better than a geeky, excitable engineer in a lab. If I were asked to design the G12, I would most definitely include the following:

  • A larger sensor, maybe a 2x crop of even a 2.7x crop sensor (1"). Most probably CMOS. At this size, Canon can afford to incorporate some clever tricks in the CMOS sensor.
  • To cater to the larger sensor size, I have designed the lens to be about 30% larger
  • With the larger lens, I would not include the optical viewfinder which is useful but not really accurate. I would invest in a more efficient battery instead. With a better batt capacity, the need for an OVF would not be as pressing.
  • I would remove the dedicated dial for Exposure Compensation. Even in dSLR, this is often controlled via the common dial and perhaps activated by a single button on the back of the camera.
  • Popup flash, to cater to the bigger lens, there would not be any real estate left for a flash. The space vacated by the Exposure Compensation can be used for this purpose. Something around 6GN(ISO 100) would be more than useful.
  • Faster Image Processor and AF performance. I would target something like 3fps with shot to shot time of about 1 sec or faster. Af performance need to be about 0.3s-0.4s
  • AF assist lamp. For CDAF focusing system, the Af assist lamp is extremely essential.
  • Maintaining 5X magnification Lens from 28mm-140mm and f2.8-4.5 would be beyond usefulness and is almost critical in making this product a success.
  • Adapter thread for Wide Angle and Tele converters. I believe a good Wide/Tele converter means that there is no need to change lens. Why would anyone change lens if this camera can cover 24mm-200mm (35mm equiv) and supports Macro. If anyone needs anything more, she should get a dSLR and not complain about weight.


  1. Yeah, and for my DSLR I want a 12-800 f1.8 with no CA's at all. Price should be around $900. And it has to be weathersealed. It has to be lightweight and not too big. I hope Canon reads this so Canon can make some of these. Thank you.

  2. Well... a large sensor would be great... I want my G12 for street photografy so... I'd design it to have one dial for shutter speed and other for aperture. Analogue style. Lens would be analog style as well... focous and zoom rings! =D
    [no I can't aford a leica M-series =(]

  3. My dream:
    1" CMOS sensor, lens from 25mm-125mm, with 49mm filter attachment size,12MP, 1080p Video, 3,5fps, ISO 100-12800, 3" display.
    That's That!