Monday, August 31, 2009

7D Arriveth

There were rumors that it would be FF, there were rumors it would be 1.45x crop. Well, the press release says that it will be the standard 1.6x crop. The other specs remain true.

Here they are, if you have not already read it somewhere else:

  • 18mpx high sensitivity sensor - New manufacturing process supposed to create a low noise sensor with the same gapless microlens technology as the 50D. I am really excited about the low noise claim. Since Canon has once again crammed more pixels into the sensor, let's just hope that they did not screw up like the 50D again.
  • 8 fps - At 14bit, this is undisputedly the fastest prosumer SLR around.
  • Popup flash commander mode - Yipee, now we can have a built in flash trigger, bye bye ST-E2
  • 100% viewfinder at 1x magnification - Drool
  • 19 AF points - These can be grouped together, like what the D300 could do. The centre AF pt is double crossed making it faster and more accurate. Continuous AF speed has also been improved. The rumor is that this has been ripped from the 1D series and stuffed into this baby.
  • 63 zones metering
  • Exposure compensation is now +-5ev
  • Magnesium Alloy body and better weather sealing - This now covers the batt compartment, memory card slot and button. Apparently weather sealing is as good as pro level cameras now
  • New 3" LCD - It was reported as 92 million dots, but I think it is more likely to be 920k (you see, the report seems to have been run though the Goolge translator). The new LCD has a maximum viewing angle of 160 deg diagonal as well as vertical. Apparently, Canon managed to eliminate the gap between the LCD and the protector glass panel. This is supposed to reduce reflection and improve visibility under intense sunlight.
  • True HD Video - 1080p or 720p at 30/25 fps and 640p at 50/60 fps.
If I behave well, maybe Santa will give me the 7D as a gift :D

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