Thursday, August 20, 2009

S90, the Mini-Me of G11

Image soure: Canon USA

Having written a bit about the G11, I think I will also mention the Mini-Me of G11, the S90.

I had a look at the specs, the main advantages that the G11 has over the S90, at at least on paper, are:

  1. Faster max shutter at 1/4000s
  2. Flash hotshoe and compatibility with EOS accessories
  3. Better built quality
  4. Swivel Screen
  5. Longer zoom of 28-150mm vs 28-105mm
However, the S90 has certain advantages over the G11 as well, they are:
  1. Faster, f2.0 lens
  2. Faster fps at 1.9fps vs 1.1fps of G11
  3. Half the weight 175g at and a much smaller size at 100x58x31mm (about the size of a mobile phone)
  4. That cool looking but functional control ring
For all practical purposes, I think the S90 would be a better camera for me. If I wanted to use all the EOS bells and whistles, I will use my dSLR.

Many people underestimated the power of being able to slip a camera into the jeans pocket. If a camera can be slipped into my jeans pocket and it has an identical IQ as another similar but bigger camera, I think my choice is made.

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