Monday, November 9, 2009

Ricoh GXR - m4/3 killer?....nah

Ricoh has always been known to make classy point and shoots with good image qualities. Today, they are going to launch an innovative camera system never seen before in the compact digital camera market. One with not only interchangeable lens, but an interchangeable sensor as well! In fact, the sensor and lens are a module which you can slide out and change at the same time.

The first two modules to be launched are:

1) The 50mm F2.5 A12 module has a 12mpx CMOS sensor and shoots video in HD mode. APS-C size.

2) The 24-70 f2.5-f4.4 VC S10 module has a 10mpx CCD sensor and shoots video in 640x480 mode only. 1/17" size (Probably the same Sony sensor as in G11 and S90)

£419 (US$549) - for the base
£600 (US$830) - 50mm module
£330 (US$440) - 24-70mm module
£219 (US$257) - EVF (920k)
£239 (US$280) - Flash

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