Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Which is the lightest travel kit for shutterbugs?

I am obsessed with weight. To me the image quality of the dSLR is as important as the weight. Many vendors can make a good dSLR but to make it good but at the same time lightweight, it is very very difficult. Here is a list of cameras, divided into different weight categories and what they are suitable for...

- Suitable for traveling with family (with lots and lots of kids), business trips, bulk averse ladies/gentlemen, or as a backup camera. Apart from the GF-1 the other PnS are not comparable to dSLR in terms of image quality

Canon S90 - 175 g
Fujifilm F200EXR - 175g
Panasonic LX3 - 229g
Canon G11- 355g
Panasonic GF-1 - 315g + 150g(14-45 OIS lens) = 465g

500g-700g - Suitable for family trips (with a few kids), business trips with a bit of tolerance of weight and individuals who are demanding on image quality
Panasonic G1 - 360g + 150g(14-45mm lens) = 510g
Panasonic GH1 - 385g + 150g(14-45mm lens) = 525g
Olympus EP-1 - 355g + 150g(14-42 M.Zuiko lens) = 505g
Olympus E450 - 426g + 190g(14-42 Zuiko lens) = 616g

700g-1kg - Suitable for business trips, family trips and individuals who are particular about image quality and who are quite tolerant of a little bit of weight

Mostly entry level dSLRs with kit lens
Canon 1000D - 502g + 200g(18-55 IS) = 702g
Canon 500D - 520g + 200g(18-55 IS) = 720g
Pentax Kx - 580g +225g(18-55 AL) = 805g
Olympus E620 - 515g + 190g(14-42 Zuiko lens) = 705g
Nikon D3000 - 536g + 265g (18-55 VR) = 801g
Nikon D5000 - 590g + 265g (18-55 VR) = 855g
Nikon D90 - 703g + 265g (18-55 VR) = 968g
Sony A230 - 490g + 210g(18-55) = 700g
Sony A380 - 519g + 210g(18-55) = 729g
Sony A500 - 630g + 210g(18-55) = 840g
Sony A550 - 632g + 210g(18-55) = 842g

It seems like the A230 with 18-55 is the lightest kit around - apart from the olympus E450. Note that the E450 does not have in body IS. Up to this point I have to say that, on paper at least, the Panasonic GF-1 is unparalleled in terms of weight vs image quality...

>1kg - The options are quite limiteless. Suitable for photography trips. Enthusiats, prosumers, semi-pros and professionals. I did not include the kit lens weight as most users of this range of cameras would probably not stick with basic kit lenses...

Nikon D700 - 1074g
Canon 5D2 - 850g
Canon 7D - 860g
Olympus E3 - 890g
Olympus E30 - 665g
Nikon D300(s) - 938g
Sony A900 - 895g
Sony A850 - 895g
Sony A700 - 768g
Pentax K7 - 750g

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